RBA 19 March Special Announcement – Monetary Policy

The coronavirus is first and foremost a public health issue, but it is also having a very major impact on the economy and the financial system. As the virus has spread, countries have restricted the movement of people across borders and have implemented social distancing measures, including restricting movements within countries and within cities. The…

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ThreeSixty Research Market Update – March 2020

Highlights: Despite a reasonably robust underlying economy, the impact of the coronavirus is likely to weigh heavily on the US and other China-exposed economies. The Australian government is preparing to release a targeted fiscal stimulus response to support economic growth and avoid a recession. Geopolitical and trade tensions have been forced out of the spotlight,…

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ThreeSixty Research Market Update – February 2020

Highlights: Markets enjoyed a reprieve from the US-China trade war, although the issue is expected to remain live as we near the US presidential election in November. Geopolitical tensions gave way to the outbreak of the coronavirus, resulting in travel restrictions and quarantine measures imposed by the Chinese authorities. The worst appears to have passed…

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ThreeSixty Research Market Update – January 2020

  Highlights: Both the US and China are optimistic that a ‘phase one’ trade deal will be reached, but subsequent negotiations will likely prove more difficult. Tension between the US and Iran following the US assassination of Iranian general Soleimani has left markets on edge. The devastation from the Australian bushfires will have a significant…

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ThreeSixty Research Market Update – December 2019

  Highlights: Markets have reacted favourably to the prospect of a ‘phase one’ trade deal between the US and China, which would involve a roll-back of tariffs. Positive developments on the trade front would come at the right time for the US economy, which has suffered from a deterioration in business confidence and investment. The…

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