ThreeSixty Research Market Update – August 2019

  Highlights: Central banks have engaged in a policy reversal in response to weaker economic growth and the uncertainties associated with the US-China trade conflict. US inflation has inched higher, but core CPI measures and sluggish wages growth still point to spare capacity in the labour market. The UK’s new prime minister Boris Johnson will…

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ThreeSixty Research Market Update – July 2019

Highlights: Softer US inflation and PMI figures have dimmed the growth outlook, although further labour market tightening may avert a Fed rate cut for the time being. The trade situation remains the key issue for the global economy, with uncertainty affecting investment and bolstering the case for monetary easing. European manufacturing continues to decline, while…

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Chart of the week: Is this a major turning point for US interest rates or just trimming the sails?

Bob Cunneen, Senior Economist and Portfolio Specialist Sources: Federal Reserve, CME Group. After three years of raising US interest rates, the Federal Reserve (Fed) is now signalling a change in direction. The Fed’s commentary indicates that “uncertainties” over global growth and trade tensions as well as “muted inflation pressures” could warrant lower US interest rates….

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Chart of the week: President Trump be 'fed up' with the Fed?

Bob Cunneen, Senior Economist and Portfolio Specialist Sources: CNBC interview on 10 June 2019 Datastream. * The US real interest rate is calculated by taking the Federal Funds mid-rate, then subtracting an average of core CPI annual inflation and the 10 year break even inflation measure from the bond market. President Donald Trump is annoyed…

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