Market Update – February 2021

Highlights: Macroeconomic indicators remain robust, but vaccine supply delays in some regions and the emergence of new Covid-19 strains have dampened sentiment. The US congress is negotiating President Biden’s proposed US$1.9 trillion stimulus package, which includes US$1,400 payments to low-income workers. The EU has imposed tougher restrictions on visitors and the UK will introduce tighter…

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Market Update – January 2021

Highlights: Globally there were over 85 million confirmed Covid-19 cases at the start of January and over 20 million in the United States alone. Democrat wins in the Georgia runoff election will give the incoming Biden administration more flexibility with economic policy and the structure of further stimulus. Stricter lockdown measures were implemented throughout Europe,…

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Market Update – December 2020

Highlights: Joe Biden is the projected winner of the US presidential election, with the passing of the ‘safe harbour’ deadline making it hard for legal challenges to change the outcome. Globally there were over 60 million confirmed Covid-19 cases at the start of December and numbers continue to rise in the US, South America and…

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Market Update – November 2020

Senator Biden is projected to win the US presidency, while President Trump’s chances hinge on successful legal challenges in multiple battleground states. Markets were buoyed in November by the successful trial of the Pfizer/BioNtech vaccine, which is expected to be approved by the FDA later in the month. Rising COVID-19 cases in Europe have forced…

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Market Update – October 2020

The upcoming US presidential election is contributing to market volatility and raising fears of a disputed election result, which could lead to market instability. Attention shifted in September from monetary policy to fiscal policy as markets looked for signs that fiscal spending will continue to prop up economies around the world. The Australian federal budget…

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