Welcome to Up Wealth Management

I love what I do.  Helping people make better financial decisions can ultimately make a difference to their lives.  It provides a sense of contentment, satisfaction and meaning.  It’s what gets me out of bed.

Up Wealth Management was founded on the idea that people should dream big and live life today, as well as planning for tomorrow.  We partner with our clients on that journey.  At the core, our business is about people.  It is about you, your today and your tomorrow.

Over the years, our clients have told us that the things they value most in a financial planning relationship is having a trusted adviser, who cares and connects with them as people as well as their money matters.  Being able to have access to the adviser and support staff, as well as the turnaround times in response were also highly valued.  These are the basic building blocks on what our client relationships are built.

I previously ran a very successful and one of Canberra’s larger financial planning businesses.  All was fine, except for one thing.  I had an itch.  That itch kept telling me that things could be done better.  That we could make things more relevant, yet simple for our clients.  I took the step away from that business to start what I think is the ideal financial planning business for clients.  We named it Up Wealth Management.  To me, it is about creating, building and contributing to something meaningful – a better life for our clients.

Mark Connell – Managing Director